Teamwork vs Working Independently

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  • Published : October 11, 2010
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There are numerous ways in which people work. Some prefer working in a group, while others prefer working independently as an individual. In my opinion, I support the first working style because teamwork has more benefits

One of the most valuable benefits of teamwork is its efficiency. Everyone has different strengths. With people working together, by combining and using the all strengths wisely, more ideas can be generated. As more ideas generated, more solutions are generated, thus definitely leading to extraordinary results. In additions, if individuals focus on the task at which they excel, it will require less time and brain power to accomplish task; and it also reduces cost and avoids common mistakes due to the lack of expertise

Teamwork also strengthens relationships and unity. As team members interact, and communicate with each others, a sense of belonging, team spirit, and trust will develop. Individuals will develop a better sense of responsibilities when they are part of project because the success or failure the project now affects not only a single one, but also other team members. Once team members have learned how to enjoy each other’s company and to work and play together, they will find the motivations to best practice their skills

Another benefit of working in a group on a project is that team members have opportunity to self-discover their true potential and weakness, which help them both in the future projects and in other aspects of life. Teamwork is the appropriate environment of trial and error in fields originally foreign to one, where one can try variety of skills under the guidance of professionals among teammates. For example, through teamwork, a member of a group may discover own public speaking talent, while other may realize his/her excellence in artwork.

Although one can complete work independently with innovative ideas and many compliments, I am convinced that working in a group can greatly accelerate the plans and give...
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