Team Reflection

Topics: Sampling, Opinion poll, Randomization Pages: 2 (491 words) Published: May 29, 2013
Team Summary Week Five

Week Five Team A Reflection –
Developing the correct method for collecting consumer data is much needed in today’s business world. People are not spending as much as they used to and compare service and functionality before making a big purchase. They key to making the best survey is to make it easy and quick for the participant. The participant must also be assured that their opinion does matter and their time is not being wasted. The right population samples must be taken for trying a new business in a different market. An Asian restaurant might not survive if not many people in the area partake of that style of food. Surveys are completed to give researchers data from those who are in direct contact with issue. Interview methods can be used to gain suggestions on how to find possible solutions to issues along opinions of a product or service. There were a variety of sampling methods learned this week as well. The sampling methods were simple random, systematic, quota, and snowball. Simple random is used by using a population and random selecting the data to use. This can be done by using a lottery method such as pulling names out of hat. Systematic is selecting a random number such as 10 and selected every tenth individuals to use as data. Snowball is used when a researcher gets one person to identify similar people for the researcher to use. Quota is used to select a group based on same characteristics such as gender. Each sampling method provides data the researcher needs for a given need.

Data is collected for testing and comparison purposes. The collection of data from consumers is a key factor to business growth and decisions. The data provides insight on what consumers like, dislike, need, and want. That information influences the decisions that are made in business to gain and sustain consumers.  The collection of data is done by a variety of different surveys and interviews approaches. To gain the most responses...
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