Ethics and Brazilian Market

Topics: Brazil, Ethics, Data Protection Act 1998 Pages: 4 (1062 words) Published: May 26, 2013
Chili's opportunity to expand into Brazilian market
Brandy Carl, Andi Claborn, Roobina Gabri,
Brandy Dufresne,
April 8, 2013
Gary Funk

Chili's opportunity to expand into Brazilian market
Chili’s Bar and Grill has received an opportunity to enter the Brazilian market. The purpose of this study is to indicate important information about the potential location such as demographics and customer needs, which is needed to create an appropriate marketing strategy. Within our study, we will discuss the research questions and hypotheses that were formed to guide us in our research. We will also discuss the variables that need to be considered, including the ethical issues we must take into account. Finally, and most important, we will discuss the significance, scope, magnitude and feasibility of finding a solution to any dilemmas that may exist due to our opportunity to expand into the new market. Research questions and hypotheses- Andi Claborn

#2- What would the hypotheses be?

When expanding into another country or a new country there are differences in the way meals are prepared and what the culture as a whole prefers as far as ingredients and overall taste. In our study one of the hypotheses is that in order to be successful in the Brazilian market we will need to add more fresh ingredients to our meals as well as adding spices or other ingredients that are common in Brazilian menus. Our second hypothesis is that our overall atmosphere including décor and music will need to be changed according to the Latin culture. We want our patrons to feel at home in our restaurants and our food to be to their liking so that they will return day after day. The questions that need to be asked are:

1. What have other successful restaurants done to adjust their menus and atmosphere when entering the Brazilian market? 2. What cultural preferences or customs are Brazilian patrons used to when dining out?

For the first question we can look at...
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