Team Building

Topics: Negative feedback, Feedback Pages: 4 (1332 words) Published: May 23, 2008
The goal of this paper is to provide advice on building an effective and productive team. The application of the information contained herein is applicable to both team leaders and team members. The author has found that when using these tips the team experience is much more productive and certainly much more positive.

Building a High Performance Team Through Structure and Communication The term team has become common in the workplace. Now that the world lives, breathes, eats, and works in a global economy, teams are necessary now more than ever to accomplish tasks that have grown in scale. Companies are no longer just selling their products and services in one’s neighborhood; now those same products are literally everywhere. Selecting a team is easy, all one has to do is pick a group and a team is formed. Building a high team performance team is difficult. Team building is not something accomplished in a quick meeting or conference call. In fact, I do not know that the team building process ever truly ends. In my experiences, the team building process is a living, breathing, and changing organism that through time, hard work, and the efforts of everyone involved grows. Whether the team grows into a beautiful flower or an invasive weed is to up to the team. The author’s goal is to offer some constructive advice on team building and while this advice will not guarantee success, this advice will enhance the reader’s team experience. Heathfield, S. (2007) Before offering any advice, I would like to take a look at how a team operates. For any team to be successful, effective, and productive, the team’s effort must be coordinated in an effective and detailed manner. The three components utilized by teams are; structure, design, and communication. Team structure deals with how the team is built and who is on the team. A team is certain to fail if the team does not have the right team members. Consider this, if you, the reader...
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