Team Communication

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  • Published : September 7, 2007
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Team Communication
Successful teams are the ones that open the lines of communication. Schools and companies encourage team work to resolve issues and complete tasks in a timely fashion. In different situations in life; where individuals must come together as a team. Whether in a classroom or work environment; Team members must learn to converse with others and help each other, to successfully accomplish team goals.

A major obstacle for team members is the lack of basic communication. Without communication team success is highly unlikely. Interaction is important, as it shows how team members work together to accomplish tasks and perform effectively. Communication is especially important to coordinate and cooperate with other team members to achieve collective goals. "Being an effective team player calls for frequent and extensive communication" (Hughes, 2003, p. 22). Once individuals recognize the importance of communication, they become aware of how successful communication can be. "Skillful communicators think like mediators, focused on mutually desirable outcomes as opposed to winning at all costs. Relationships are important to them, and they recognize the need to tailor their comments to the listener in order to be heard" (McCarthy, 2007, p. 6). Members should actively communicate and encourage each member to participate. Every member of the team should also be allowed to state their ideas, give suggestions and express their opinions. This allows every one to engage in open discussion. Valuing each others differences and viewpoints allows every one to feel part of the team. In turn, members believe they are a valuable member and can contribute to the team's task. "Members contribute to the success of the team by using their unique skills and talents" (Bragg, 1999, ¶ 6). Once ideas are presented and individual skills are identified, the team can establish each member's role and individual tasks. Team members can work on tasks and communicated...
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