Teaching Styles

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II. Introduction
One of the important factor that influence students learning ability is the teacher. Teachers are said to be the soldiers or heroes in the education system. They contribute to the success of the students learning. Teachers inspire students to learn when they also show a passion for learning. I think all of us will agree that teachers play a very significant role in students learning. Without them the students will never learn well, students will remain ignorant in anything in this world. Every teacher’s goal is to be an effective teacher in the classroom and help students to learn. Educators want their students to be eager and engaged. Humour has the power to fuel that engagement. The first process of modelling students come from the teachers as they teach students what they really need to know from them to be able to stand on their own. But the big question here is how do teachers affect students learning? What are the factors of teachers that can affect the learning of students? We all know that the teacher is very important to us. They are the one who guide us when we are in school. The aim of this topic is for you to know how the teachers affect to the students learning. It felt so good and relaxing to the teachers seeing their students learned about their topic. The teachers teaching styles should be organized for the students in able to understand the lesson. The teachers should have a great personalities and effective learning styles to their curriculum. The students really learned when they felt comfortable to their teacher way of teaching. Student environment can also effect to their learning. But the objective here is find out what is really the most major effective personality and teaching style that the teacher may use or apply when they are already teaching students.

V. Research body.
Title: How do teachers affect students learning.
A. Attributes of teachers that affect students learning.
What are the qualities of an ideal teacher? And do you have these qualities? These two questions are should always be in the mind of every teacher. These are the other questions, such as, how can I develop the qualities which I lack? And how can I improve the qualities which I now possess? It depends on the children can determine what is happening in classroom or school will depends upon the kind of teacher they have. We all know that a teacher should make a different ways for the children to have a pleasant classroom atmosphere. Think of teacher who inspired and encourage you to do your best in your studies. For the teachers who did not show a good impression in you. Make it as your inspiration to strived more. 1. Teachers Personality.

The teacher as an individual personality is an important element in the learning environment or in the failures and success of the learner. The way in which his personality interacts with the personalities of the pupils being taught helps to determine the kind of behaviour which emerges from the learning situation. The supreme value of the teacher is not in the regular performance of routine duties, but in his power to lead and to inspire his pupils through the influence of his moral personality. In the other words, an individual, personality is a composite of his physical appearance, his mental capacity, his emotional behaviour, and his attitudes towards others. The teachers manifest attitude toward his work exerts a considerable influence upon the minds of the people. Who does not have a genuine pride in his work, who does not feel deeply the worth and dignity of his chosen calling, had better look for another kind of work. A teacher with an un-whole some attitude cannot enhance the social prestige of the profession. He must remember that he/she is a producer of good, the interpreter of the past, the preserver of the present, and the determiner of the future. A person who does not like to teach will never became a great teacher. His life is certain to...
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