Teaching Strategies

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obert Marzono's Teaching Strategies

Identifying Similarities and Differences

When a student begins the learning process, it is very important that the student understands how to break down complex problems using different strategies and procedures. If the child can identify the similarities and differences when attacking a problem, they will be able to understand the issue more in depth. Being able to break down the content allows for more learning and understanding to take place in the classroom. An example to show similarities and differences would be explaining the content on a poster or vein diagram to provide a visual for the student.

2. Summarizing and NoteTaking

One of the most important strategies in my opinion is that of note taking and summarizing. If a student can take notes in a manner where he or she can retain the information, I believe that student has mastered the note taking element. The goal of any teacher is to have the student retain the information they teach, so proper note taking strategies should be discussed in the classroom. When the student can take the information we provide and summarize it in their own words for their notes, the chances of retaining that information is much higher.

3. Reinforcing Effort and Providing Recognition

The key to any child's success is them believing in themselves and having confidence in what they do. If the child has confidence, they will study harder and demand the best of themselves. Reinforcing effort falls in the teachers hands because it is their job to keep the moral of the students up and the classroom assignment interesting. It is very important to provide recognition towards the students hard work. Whenever a student feels like their hard work pays off and receives recognition, they will continue to strive to do their best.

4. Homework and Practice

As a future teacher, I can understand that teachers can sit in front of a classroom and explain the...
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