Teaching: First Demo Exposure

Topics: Psychology, Education, Idea Pages: 1 (320 words) Published: February 15, 2013
We love everything about teaching. We get home and think, “That was a great day.  We tried something new and it worked.  They had fun; we tricked them into practicing some problems.  We love it when the student decides to help us in keeping her classmates shut. We love their effort when they actively participate in the activities we prepared. We love it when they say “bahalag ala una na ate , lingaw man pud ”, and when they still actively cooperate in our activities. With the experience we have now an idea about what kind of teacher we want to be and what we want our teaching to look like. We have come to realize that it takes a lot of time and experience to gather a complete bag of tricks and skills. This outreach adds new ideas on how we will cover the subject matter as we become teachers in the future, but there is no way to short circuit that process. It gives us knowledge on how to master the best techniques for explaining concepts, the best language to use, the best activities and games but we still need to learn the important concepts .From the experience, we are real excited about the opportunity to transition from student to teacher. We are looking forward in finishing our studies and putting all of our energies into teaching.  We now have a picture in our mind of the teacher we want to become.  We are not sure how our own personality will impact this vision we have, but it is a vision of a teacher who has complete control of the classroom, while encouraging a fun and goofy exploration with the subject discussed. The outreach program we have conducted in the first year student of Agusan National High School is indeed very nice and enjoyable experiences that hone our skills and knowledge regarding the field we chose to become someday.
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