Teachers: Unsung Heroes of the World

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This reflection paper is dedicated to the unsung heroes of the world—TEACHERS;

To all morally upright and just individuals whose sense of integrity and humility are rooted deeply within them;

To Mr. Books who never fails to inspire me with his words and wisdom;

To my parents and my mentor, EXPERIENCE, for making me understand at an early age the essentialities of life here on earth;

And to my Creator, You are beyond the superlative degree of adjective. You are the Minerva and the hair of Samson in my life. You have always been there leading me along the path that I have chosen!

I salute you all!

- K.A.P.C.

* * *


The writing technique that I used in this paper was a little different than those that I have written before, specifically during my undergraduate studies. In here, I made use of chapters instead of uninterrupted, paragraph by paragraph account. The reason is as simple yet complicated as to how a raindrop is able to produce rainbow with different colors from a single beam of sunlight or how a prism bends white light into different colors.

As to this paper, each chapter reflects the unforeseeable and offensive truths that The Story of Teddy Stoddard implies, which are often hard to swallow by many people maybe because of pride or blindness. These paper includes both reactions and reflections.

Commonly as it has always been, the story of Teddy Stoddard was no different with a lot of movies that I have watched and stories that I have read and heard before—all of which had communicated the same genre as the former. It is but an ordinary ripped page, no rarity or unfathomable terminologies, existing behind the great literary masterpieces of the world. But with its simple approach and language to whomever the reader may be, paired with its emotional quality, is like one of my favorite movies—Titanic. I can watch it over and over and cry to my hearts’ content time and again.

On a profound understanding of the story, I was able to nod my head as each word of the story mumbled deeply within me as if letting me know that there is more to teaching as there is more to life.

The story does not only happen in real-life teaching where some teachers tend to act like Mrs. Thompson but as well as in many other fields of profession and even in congregation of ordinary people.

Let me discuss first, in a broader perspective, the story’s implication to human and life before I discuss the minutest details of its implication to the teaching profession and to me as a teacher.

Chapter 1

Myths of the World

Ever wonder why the world is becoming evil? Or why in spite of many sound philosophies and theories of education the world continues to move forward to its downfall? Why almost all men, especially educated men, are more foolish than a beggar on the street? Simple. A beggar is the happiest man in the world when somebody drops a coin in front of him, but to a man who knows a thing, a coin will do him no good unless that coin happens to be gold. We only worry on things that concern us or have direct effects in our lives. Those that do not seem to matter in their diminutive, powerless forms are taken for granted—consider Teddy’s case for instance.

Nero, Alexander the Great, Hitler, Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, Hussein, Bin Laden and many others who are like them—weren’t these men, who had been leaders of their own dominions, able to earn a degree in college? Unfortunately, none of them was able to show genuine compassion towards their subjects, was able to leave something behind that future generations can make use of. It is not very often that people thank Hitler or Hussein for what he did because not many are born with mental retardation. (But of course, Teddy’s gratefulness to...
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