Teacher Observation

Topics: Question, Lesson plan, Education Pages: 2 (374 words) Published: May 11, 2013
Tamieka Vick
Teacher Interview on Lesson Planning and Observation on Lesson Implementation MTE/518
April 22, 2013
Raquel Pesce

It was obvious that Ms. Brown had created a plan for this lesson by observing the progression of the skills that were being taught and that they were presented in a logical order that aided student comprehension. Both the students and the teacher were familiar with the skills and the delivery. She also posts lesson plans online. Objectives and expectations of the lesson were communicated to the students on a special place on the board, at the front of the class with essential questions and " I can" statements. Ms. Brown was able to gain the students' attention for the lesson with a hook type activity. It was an engaging question for the student to answer that was related to the topic. Students worked independently, in pairs and in groups and read a selection either by themselves or with another student. The material was then presented in a graphic organizer by the teacher with illustrations and relevant examples provided by the students. They also read the selection (either our loud to a partner or to themselves) and then the material was displayed in the form of a graphic organizer for the visual learners. Ms. Brown used PowerPoint to present the material.

Ms. Brown managed her class very well as the students knew what to do when they walked into the room. There was minimal redirection by her, the students knew what to do at the appropriate times, and were on task with the given assignments. Some students participated more verbally, but all of them were working on the assignment. When problems arose during the lesson, she redirected them verbally and nonverbally.

At the end of the lesson, the students had to complete a metacognitive strategy. They chose a sentence starter to answer; " I figured out that, or I realized tha"t. It was also evident that students learned the concepts of the lesson by their...
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