Teacher Evaluation Intro

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Overview of the Current State of Technology
Nowadays technology in education has progressed and continues to evolve as a primary medium for preparing the youth in technological literacy. Today’s technology has improved and introduces different kinds of teaching methods and education system but in order for it to be more effective, we need a teacher that is capable and qualified. Everyone agrees that great teachers are critical to student success. But there’s still a limit in a teacher’s capacity of teaching and many schools now have not done enough to evaluate teachers accurately and to use this information to improve educational quality. Raising teaching performance is perhaps the policy direction most likely to lead to substantial gains in student learning. In turn, an effective monitoring and evaluation of teaching is needed to the improvement of the effectiveness of teaching in school. The quality of teaching is the single most important determinant of student learning and it is essential to know the strengths of teachers and those aspects of their practice which could be further developed. And a teacher’s evaluation is one of the vital steps to improve the effectiveness of teaching and learning to raise educational standards. Meaningful teacher evaluation involves an accurate appraisal of the effectiveness of teaching, its strengths and areas for development, followed by feedback, coaching, support and opportunities for professional development. Teacher evaluation should be a small but significant part of the larger strategy for school improvement for which would see staff development take place prior to evaluations, to determine what is to be taught and when and how it is to be taught. It is method by which it ensures that teaching is of high quality and can be use to promote professional learning and is also beneficial, fair and helpful for their development of teachers. Teacher evaluation is a complex process that is...
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