Teacher and High School Math

Topics: Teacher, High school, School Pages: 2 (674 words) Published: November 24, 2013
Ryan Clutter
English IV
Mrs Molder
Research Proposal
For my research paper, I would like to become a High school math teacher and also lead into coaching. Ever sense I have started school math has been my strongest point out of all the other subjects I have taken. Math is a rising profession in America and is always in demand. I wanted to go into a career to do something I loved and had a strong desire for and teaching math was defiantly the career. To be a successful Math teacher and having a successful career from it, will defiantly make me happy. By writing this paper it will show you why I really love the subject of math and why I wanted to go into the profession.

Why is math so important to my success? How I am going to collect information about this career is by simply stating the facts of how many college students have had a very successful career in being a math teacher at any level. By using different search bands like; Google, Bing, and even some of the SMC database engines will also help me find very important facts and information that I strongly need for my research of my Math career. The information and sources I collect will really give me a lot of knowledge about the teaching profession in math and whether it’s in a demand or fall in certain States and cities in America. This information should really help me write a successful research paper.

The end of the semester is when the final paper is due. First week I will be writing a rough draft for my research paper about my career I want to pursue in college. During that week I will also try to look up even more information that might be helpful for me on my paper. Once I get my rough draft back from my teacher I will have a couple of my peers edit for me as well as give me suggestions of how to make it a better paper. Then during the week I get my paper back I will start on my final research paper with the edits and suggestions added to it. Nov 25th I will turn in...
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