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Topics: Quadratic equation, Elementary algebra, Real number Pages: 28 (5636 words) Published: September 10, 2012
Genesee Community College
Syllabus for MAT092 Algebra 1Fall 2012

|Section(s) |MAT092-01Y (10:10-11:05),-05 (12:20-1:15) in room B307 | |Instructor |Mr. Christopher Kemp | |Contact Information |Phone: (585) 343-0055 ext. 6392 | | |Email: (PREFERED) | | |Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday & Friday 9-10am | | |Important: Check your GCC email (your “ ” account at from any | | |internet-connected computer) at least once each weekday and always use your GCC email account | | |to contact professors and staff. | |Catalog Description |Students move through a series of content modules using a mastery learning approach, making extensive use| | |of computer software for content delivery, practice of skills, and assessment (graded homework, quizzes, | | |and module pre- and post-tests). Topics include simplifying variable expressions, solving linear | | |equations and inequalities, graphing linear equations in two variables, solving systems of linear | | |equations in two variables, operations with exponential expressions and polynomials, factoring | | |polynomials, simplifying radical expressions (square roots), and solving quadratic equations. | | | | | |3 class hours, 3 credits Prerequisite: MAT091 or equivalent, and by placement | |Textbook and Other Required | 1) Textbook: Introductory Algebra, 6th edition, by D. Franklin | |Materials |Wright, from Hawkes Learning Systems/Quant Systems | | |2) Software: Hawkes Learning Systems IDA software | | |3) A USB flash drive (portable data storage device) | | |4) A 3-ring binder and loose-leaf paper for notes and homework | | | | | |Important: | | |All of the items listed above are required. | | |The first 3 items should be purchased as a bundled set from the GCC (Barnes and Noble) Bookstore. The | | |cost is $121.45 . | | |Materials obtained from most other sources (such as Amazon) will not include the correct software | |...
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