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The satisfaction and euphoria that accompany the successful completion of any task would be incompletes without the mention of people who made it possible, those consistent guidance and encouragement crowned my efforts with success. In the completion of my master degree first of all I am thankful to Department of Management for giving me the opportunity of researching on particular topic. I would also like to mention my thanks to Ms. ANUMEHA (Lecturer in LIM) who helped me for developing the concept of HUMAN RESOURCE which will help me to know about the issues in change management.

I would also like to thanks my parents for encouraging and giving me full support. Anchal Dhawan
Masters in Business Administration
Department of management
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1 Introduction To The Topic 4-10
2 Introduction To The Company 11-12
3 Changes at Tata Motors 12-18
4 Need for the Change 18
5 Relevance for the Change 19
6 Change in Workforce & culture 20-21
7 Role of Leadership in Change Management 22
8 Barriers to Change 23-24
9 Planning The Change at Tata Motors 24-29
10 Employee Motivation to Accept the Change 29-30
11 Evaluating The Change Process at Tata Motors 30-32
12 OD Interventions and its Implementation 33-35
13 Relevance of OD Intervention 36
14 Conclusion & Strategies To manage Change Process 37
15 Suggestions 38
16 References 39
Change management is a structured approach to transitioning individuals, teams, and organizations from a current state to a desired future state. Change management (or change control) is the process during which the changes of a system are implemented in a controlled manner by following a pre-defined framework/model with, to some extent, reasonable modifications.

Change management is the process of developing a planned approach to change in an organization. Typically the objective is to maximize the collective benefits for all people involved in the change and minimize the risk of failure of implementing the change. The discipline of change management deals primarily with the human aspect of change, and is therefore related to pure and industrial psychology. In project management, change management refers to a project management process where changes to a project are formally introduced and approved. The field of change management grew from the recognition that organizations are composed of people. And the behaviors of people make up the outputs of an organization.

Types of Organizational Change
· Strategic changes
· Technological changes
· Structural changes
· Changing the attitudes and behaviors of personnel
There are many models in understanding the transitioning of individuals through the phases of change management and strengthening organizational development initiative in both government and corporate sectors. They are 1. ADKAR Model

2. Unfreeze-Change-Refreeze
3. Kübler-Ross
4. Formula for Change
5. PCI (People Centered Implementation)
Some of the Potential issues concerning the successful Change deployment process: The House (Of Quality) Needs Foundations
Underestimating the need for a support structure can be a big mistake in the process of deploying Lean or Six Sigma. It is important to first assess the gap between your current state and the future, desired state. This activity produces a list of things that need to change and, in addition, those that need to be positively reinforced. In the change process, this is not an either/or proposition. Both need to be done. As an example, if one has the fortune of having an army of talented Black Belts but a broken Champion support system, the program can fail in a heartbeat. Again, if both are present and yet,...
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