Leading and Managing Change

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  • Published : March 5, 2013
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Leading and managing Change
By Christopher G. Worley & Yvonne H. Vick
Shuang Cen
Feb 23rd, 2013
MBA 501

Leading change management involves some simple, but too often forgotten rules. In this article, the authors address a number of practical, powerful, but often ignored principles in managing and leading change. Managing change has become the “silver bullet” in seeking the final component of successfully managing strategy, process, people and culture in most modern organizations. Managing change well is a continuous and ongoing combination of art and science that assures alignment of an organization’s strategies, structures, and processes. The authors uses three successful companies: JP Morgan Chase’s Global Investor Services Division (GIS), American Healthways, and Microsoft to apply their opinions and principles. There are six principles that authors point out as the issues during the managing the changes in business: do no harm; all change involves personal choice; the relationship between change and performance is not instantaneous; connect change to business strategy; involvement breeds commitment; and any good change effort results in increased capacity to face change in the future.

In conclusion, organization change is a strategic imperative in today’s global and fast-paced environment. There is much that we know about change that is useful. Unfortunately, managers and leaders in organizations urgently and impatiently clamor for the “latest and greatest ideas.” In their haste, they forget the fundamental and sound principles which are prerequisites for a successful change to occur. Although managing change is difficult, implementing these few tried and true principles can help managers and leaders improve the organization’s success.

In my opinion, good managers in leading their organization changing should have at least eight basic step to process. First of all is establishing a sense of urgency, managers should exam...
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