Tantalus Poem

Topics: Greek mythology, God, Zeus Pages: 2 (252 words) Published: October 8, 2012
talus poem
Favored by the gods of Olympus
He partied dined and wined
Cool to the mortals was Tantalus
But he soon would pay the fine.

He went behind the god’s backs
From them Tantalus stole
He committed other cruel acts
Once a friend now a foe.

If Tantalus was more of an honest man
He wouldn’t take advantage of the god’s trust
Accepting the lending hand
Instead of turning it into dust.

If Tantalus had another shot
He would make a better soup
Not boil his son hot
But use a chicken from the coop.

If Tantalus had another take
He wouldn’t have hid the golden pet
He was the source of Zeus’ heartbreak
Got caught he should fret.

If Tantalus had another chance
He wouldn’t have been so famished
He saw nectar and ambrosia in a glance
They noticed and his penalties were lavished.

Tantalus wasn’t the only one whose life was filled with demise His family wasn’t allowed good fate
Only positive thing was his son’s rise
This left his family filled with hate which wasn’t so great.

Tantalus suffered in the afterlife
Placed above him an apple tree
Trying to take a bite was strife
I bet he wished he could flee.

Placed below him was water
Never allowed a sip
Tantalus shouldn’t even bother
He wasn’t even allowed a drip.

Tantalus learned from his mistakes
Although it was too late
He learned not to see objects and take
Also not to use his son as bate.
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