Tamed Wife?

Topics: Husband, Wife, The Taming of the Shrew Pages: 2 (766 words) Published: March 31, 2013
Marriage is a very complex relationship, simply because, this vow is a life-long commitment with a family to sustain ahead. Whether a marriage will have a happy or tragic ending depends on the way a husband a wife would keep their relationship. Julie Iovine’s article, Yes-Dearing Your Way to a Happy Marriage, introduces Laura Doyle’s Surrendered Wife, which explains what an ideal wife is in her view that will keep a marriage fruitful. These opinions encourage wives to practice different ways to please their husbands- ways I find absurd and irrational. Showing gestures of appreciation and gratitude is a positive action of a wife to have. However, to thank your spouse for living with your own children doesn’t sound right to me nor would to anyone. Iovine writes, “She [Katrina] calls her husband at work every few days just to say thanks for letting her spend a few years at home with the kids” (Iovine F11). A husband or a wife stays with their children, not because the other grants them the right to, but it is their responsibility to support and take care of them, which can be done at best by being there physically and emotionally with their children. Although Ms. Doyle would definitely approve this gesture, it is by instinct and natural response of a mother to attend her children’s over all needs together with her husband. When something is wrong, it shouldn’t be tolerated. Instead, things should be put to right. Obligations at home are done by each member of the family. However, a tiring long day at work makes it hard to perform tasks and duties accordingly and effectively. Iovine asserts, “…my husband does the rounds [of walking the dog] at night. He drags his feet; it drives me nuts. Ruggles just whines. It’s really is the dog letting down, Ms. Doyle said… Let him [the dog] suffer” (F11). Simply put, to please your husband mean to blame his faults to other people or other things. If this is how wives would act, they are just tolerating irresponsibility, and...
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