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Tally - an Integrated Enterprise Solution with Complete Accounting, Inventory and Reporting capabilities.  Tally provides a total solution that helps you to manage your accounts and inventory. Its vast array of management reports puts you on top of your operations be it a small business or a large one or even a non-profit organisation.It is a package introduced along with VAT feature..  It is a versatile and massive software package. It is used by various types of trade and industry Accounting Features : 

1)Accounting without CODES 
2)Unified Ledgers 
3)Complete Book-keeping 
4)Comprehensive Accounting 
5)Multi-Currency Accounting 
6)Receivables and Payables 
7)Ratio Analysis 
8)Budgeting, Auditing and Security Control 
9)"Scenario" management 
10)Unlimited Cost/Profit Centres 
11)VAT and Sales Tax handling 

Inventory Features :: 
1)Multi-location Stock Control 
2)Comprehensive recording of stock movement 
3)Variety of management reports 
4)Aged stocks Analysis 
5)Batch- related stock reports 
6)Re-order levels 
Submission 1
How to alter a company in Tally?
This option allows you to alter information about the existing company, you can modify any information at any time that is set while creating a company. Go to Gateway of Tally
1. Select F3: Cmp Info. (ALT+F3) from the button bar
2. Select Alter and press Enter and the screen appears as shown below:

3. Select the company from the List of Companies and press Enter to view the Company Alteration screen. 4. Make the necessary changes in the required fields and accept the screen. To change the password if Use Security Control is set to Yes: 1. Enter the Name of Administrator.

2. Enter the new password.
3. Re-enter the password in the Repeat field to confirm.
4. Enter the Old Password and Accept the screen to alter the company. -------------------------------------------------
How to Delete a Company Tally?

This option allows you to delete an existing company.
To delete a company, you have to load the company first.
1. Select F3: Cmp Info. (ALT+F3) from the Gateway of Tally to proceed to the Company Information menu. 2. Select Alter and press Enter.
3. Select the company to be deleted. The Company Alteration screen is displayed. 4. Use Alt + D to delete. Tally7.2 will prompt for a confirmation on deleting the company. 5. Press Enter to delete the company.

Submission 2
How to create a group in tally?
Creating a Single Group :

Creating a Single Group in tally:
Gateway of tally
MasterAccounts Information

1. Select the name of the group
2. Enter the name of sub-group

How to alter a group in tally?
You can alter the Groups in by selecting Alter from the menu to change any information. You can change the Name of any reserved group, but its characteristics will remain the same.

Select the Group that you wish to alter from the List of Groups. Make the necessary changes and click Yes to save the changes.

How to delete a group in Tally ?
Go to Gateway of Tally > Accounts Info > Groups > Single/Alter The Delete function is performed through the single alteration mode. You cannot delete groups from the Multiple Alteration mode. 1. Select the Group to be deleted.

2. Press Alt+D to delete.

How to Display a Group in Tally:
Go to Gateway of Tally > Accounts Info. > Group > Display Select the name of the Group from the List of Groups. You cannot make any changes in the Display mode

How to create a ledger in tally?
Creating a Single ledger:
Gateway of tally
MasterAccounts Information
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