Talent Planning in Operation

Topics: Employment, Competition, Human resource management Pages: 3 (651 words) Published: December 25, 2011
Talent Planning in Operation:
Talent planning is the first and hardest step of recruitment. It means deeply understanding the organization's business goals and the competitive environment the organization functions in. It is a combination of understanding and predicating demand, while at the same time being educated and aware of the talent supply situation from all the sources that are available.

5 factors that affect an organisation`s approach to recruitment and selection: 1- Image (Goodwill) of the Organization
Image of the employer can work as a potential constraint for recruitment. An organization with positive image and goodwill as an employer finds it easier to attract and retain employees than an organization with negative image. Image of a company is based on what organization does and affected by industry.

2- Cost
Recruitment incur cost to the employer, therefore, organizations try to employ that source of recruitment which will bear a lower cost of recruitment to the organization for each candidate. By this way the organization will have to select unqualified candidates which will slow down the company success

3- Market rate fluctuation, economic condition
It is affecting the existing employee and new hiring as well, it is required always change which may affect the company profit....

4- Government laws, regulation and approach
Various government regulations prohibiting discrimination in hiring and employment have direct impact on recruitment practices. For example, Nationalization program, New roles and procedures. This restricts management freedom to select those individuals who it believes would be the best performers. If the candidate can’t meet criteria stipulated by the union but union regulations can restrict recruitment sources.

5- Competitiveness
The recruitment policies of the competitors also affect the recruitment function of the organisations. To face the competition, many a...
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