Taking Career Choices Seriously

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Individual Assignment: Decision-Making Process Paper


Management Theory and Practice

During my high school years, I was seriously thinking about being a part of the Military. I decided to go ahead and join while I was a junior. I completed my basic training in the summer after my junior year, than went to advanced individual training (AIT) after graduating high school. I wanted to join the Army because my father was in the Army. Since I was a child I have always wanted to be in the Military hearing everything that my dad talked about while he was serving. I had to think about many things to make sure I was doing the right thing.

There were many steps that I had to take to see if joining the Army would be right for me and also seeing if my health was okay to be a part of the Army. I talked to a recruiter to make sure I was doing the right thing and see what all I had to do to join. I had to complete my ASVAB test to see what I my career could be in the Army. I tested high enough to be a part of the transportation team. Working on trucks and driving them is what I would be doing. I then had to get into shape so that I could go to Basic Training. I was stationed at Fort Jackson, South Carolina for about nine weeks than I came back home to finish out my senior year in high school. I met with my recruiters and was going to drill every other weekend during my senior year. After I graduated high school, I was sent to Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri for my Advanced Individual Training. I was there for roughly 12 weeks before I returned home and carried out my duties in Army Reserves. After about two years in the Army Reserves, I wanted to go Active Army. I sat down with a recruiter to make sure that is what I wanted to do. It meant leaving my family behind and heading to Fort Hood, Texas to be a part of the Transportation 13 CosCom Division. I had to make sure it was okay with my family and talked to them about it before I made my final decision....
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