Why I Joined the Army

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  • Published : November 5, 2011
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Why I Joined The Army

There are multiple reasons in which I enlisted myself into the United States Army. Some of the reasons are to improve who I am as a person mentally and physically, move away from the place that I grew up in, and last but not least be able to one day look back on my life and say that I did something. So in this essay I will get into further details on to why the three main points as in to which I choose for this essay.

First off I joined the military to improve myself physically and mentally. Before I joined the military I used to wrestle and play football so my build was set on a weight of 250 I was pretty big then wrestling cut me down to like 215 but it wasn’t too long before I put the weight back on. Now what I meant by improving myself mentally is like I had the mindset of a punk ass I sold drugs barley got by was always getting fucked up on something and I didn’t really take anything serious and I missed my train for college so I was like man what is their for me to do so it was the military. I knew that it would be the best choice I could make for myself at that point and time in my life.

Secondly, I joined the Army to leave the shit hole of a town I grew up in. Now what I mean by that is nobody was progressing with their lives they only amounted to little things and I can’t speak for them but working at walmart and trying to support a family just ain’t the life that I want to be living. Like I know that I have a purpose in life and im going somewhere don’t know where yet but I just have this feeling that im gonna be a game changer and living in Millington, Tennakey just aint gonna cut it.

For my last main point I want to be able to look back and say ive had a good life and ive done something with it. So say I don’t do anything big or extraordinary with my life atleast I can sit back and drink a beer to serving my country or be like one of them old people you see walking around with their veteran cap and matching...
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