System Theory

Topics: Ripple effect, Neutering, Sociology Pages: 2 (795 words) Published: March 2, 2013
Systems Theory Paper

Groups of people working together can either be a positive or a negative experience; the deciding factor is the way people in the group are able to collaborate. There are many different ways people work together and many different personalities that either conflict or mesh. People that are extremely different and have strong opinions that are conflicting with other persons of the group will most likely not function to produce positive results. Through reading “In Mixed Company” by J.Dan Rothwell and personal experience I have determined that key factors to groups working as systems are group synergy and the ripple effect. In Mixed Company (2007) defines synergy as “ a group genius, that when group performance form a joint action of members exceeds expectations based on perceived abilities and skills of the individual members.” A synergy group works together and puts individual skills together and the skills combine make the result more or stronger then it would have been if there were just one individual. Through my group experience the most group synergy was in a group called Oceanside Junior Lifeguards all of us were working together to learn skills to protect the beach and keep people safe. The entire group of us would all work out together, practice efficiently with one another, and would also complete the course. To create synergy the group has to work together cooperatively to achieve a common goal and also groups should have deep diversity. (In Mixed Company 2007) These two recipes for creating synergy the group should function very well together without it there will be negative synergy. Negative synergy is when the group produces no synergy and does not show any from of proper interaction. Negative synergy is also created by shared ignorance among group members. (In Mixed Company 2007) One knows when group synergy is negative because the outcome of the group will turn out worse then what was expected or worse then and individual...
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