Ensure Team Effectiveness

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BSB WOR502B Assessment Tool 3 (AT3): Project
Developing a Competent Team
Teams exist because of the productivity of the whole team is greater than that which can be achieved by the individual contributions of its members. Establishing the team’s purpose, its role and responsibilities is key to achieving the development of a real team as everyone identifies their purpose within the group known and each individual becomes accountable for their contribution to the productivity of the team. Team members usually have complementary skills that the team leverage, creating synergy by maximising an individual’s strengths and minimising the impact of weakness. The way a team performs is a direct result of the approach to being a team that is taken and how effectively the approach is implemented. Katzenback & Smith (1993) identify the following phases of team dynamic development: | Dynamic| Description| P| E|

Phase 1| Working Group| Relies upon the sum of individual contributions rather than any actual teamwork. Members share and discuss ideas but limited synergy or accountability to the team exists.| 3| 1| Phase 2| Pseudo Team| The weakest of all types of teams in terms of performance impact. There is no interest in establishing real goals or true common purpose. Productivity output of the team as a whole is less than that capable of its individuals because member interactions detract from the overall productivity of the team as the group lacks common direction or team focus.| 1| 2| Phase 3| Potential Team| The team has the vision to improve its performance but typically additional clarity regarding purpose, goals and objectives is required. Subsequently no mutual accountability or responsibility exists.| 3| 4| Phase 4| Real Team| Performance output of a real team is significantly higher than that of a working group. Members have complimentary roles and skills and are committed to a common objective. Individuals are accountable to each other and equally committed to the goals and common purpose of the team. | 6| 5| Phase 5| High Performing Team| Significantly outperforms all other teams and are extremely productive and adaptable to the changing organisational culture of an environment and business objectives. Synergy is predominant as members are as committed to the success and development of other team members as they are to themselves as they recognise the benefit to the team as a whole.| 9+| 9+| P = Performance Impact /10

E = Team Effectiveness /10
To ensure that the most effective team style is produced we must also understand the development stages of teaming. All teams navigate through development stages. Once the team members have been identified a team must learn to work together. A team will progressively develop through the four stages of team development as its members become familiar with the characteristics, skills and roles each individual plays within the team. FormingStormingNormingPerforming

Being able to identify the development stage of a team assists team leaders and managers in facilitating team development, ensure effective member participation and foster the development of good team networks within an organisation. Action: Identify the current status of the team and the relationships of the team members. Establishing the Team

To properly establish a team, the group’s structure and role within the organisation should be clearly defined so that all members of the team and other teams are aware of its purpose. Individuals joining a team will also have their own expectations and personal vision of the team’s role. The creation of a vision or mission statement in which the entire team should be invested ensures that the team is focused and are likely to invest in a single purpose. The team may define its goals, expected outcomes and outputs in an organisation by documenting it in the following ways: * Role and responsibility statement

* Constitution
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