Sysco Case

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Week 2 Homework

Part I. SYSCO Case

This assignment requires you apply your knowledge of Business Intelligence and COBIT to analyze the SYSCO case.

Step 1: Locate the topic on the COBIT map.
Evaluate the IT process used by SYSCO to implement BI

Step 2a: Zoom-out to the big picture (e.g. COBIT) and distinguish important ideas/issues from less important ones). Enter these ideas in column 2 of the table below. Step 2b: Zoom-in to distinguish relevant parts/details for each theme. Enter these ideas in column 3 of the table below. | |Zoom-out and distinguish key ideas (Step 2a) |Zoom in and identify relevant parts for each theme | | | |(Step 2b) | |Key Idea/Theme 1: |Business Requirements |Management Information | |Key Idea/Theme 2: |IT Resources |Information Quality | |Key Idea/Theme 3: |IT Process |Choosing the best approach: purchasing the software| |Key Idea/Theme 4: |Enterprise Information |Business Intelligence |

Step 3: Visualize linkages between issues (Relate issues/ideas) Draw a picture that highlights the critical linkages in your story.

Step 4: Outline your story (Take perspectives on issues/ideas) Connect the topic and key ideas identified in question 1 above and outline your story. You can write 4-5 sentences or a paragraph. Look at the ideas from the required perspective (users, designers, managers, or evaluators) while developing your story.

Day focus on the two main questions to plan and organized the implementation of BI at SYSCO. By focusing on the questions, Day was able to identity the IT Process needed to answer to these questions. Concentrating on these concerns (questions) Day’s center of attention was choosing the right software and training. The big impact of a successful implementation and the one that would take the most of the project being needs the training since SYSCO had run as a decentralized organization. At the same time Day provided 3 different scenarios to choose the right software, which gave the Directors opportunities to better allocated the cost.

Step 5: Develop Detailed Response
Integrate the ideas from steps 1 and 2 into your own perspective. Develop a 3-5 page response based on your responses to questions 1 and 2. Follow the ideas and strategies discussed in class to enhance the quality of your analysis. Integrate ideas from your own experience or from situations discussed in cases.


Understanding what are the capabilities and the maximum utilization can provide Business Intelligence is very important for an organization before deciding to implement such software. SYSCO concentrated on their two main questions before deciding BI. “What additional products could we be selling to each of our customers” and “Which of our current customers are we most likely to loose” Focusing on this two questions Ms. Day was able to draw a complete analysis as to how BI would help management at different level answer to their concern. At SYSCO, data redundancy and data integrity that has arisen due to the decentralized operational structure are their biggest issues. The value of BI increases as the delivery of information is embedded in the processes and the system. But changing the predominantly decentralized organization is imperative since the nature of BI calls for a more centralized approach to facilitate better results.

Organization Structure
The business model that SYSCO follows is of a predominantly decentralized nature. SYSCO has decided to purchase Business Intelligence software (BI) from the firm Business...
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