Symbolic Frame

Topics: Central bank, People's Bank of China, Bank Pages: 4 (1254 words) Published: October 11, 2012
Symbolic Frame

I have conducted my internship in International Financial Research Institution of Bank of China during my bachelor degree, acting as a research assistant. We 6 students came from different universities but all majored in Finance, working for Doctor Yuanlong Wang, who is the director of Bank of China (Australia) Ltd and also the director of Bank of China (Canada). For me, my main task was to sort out materials and analyze data for our research team. Xing Zhang, our group leader, had just graduated and would work in Bank of China in a few months. He is an ambitious person who manage his impression as a capable leader and a person who have outstanding communication skills. For the rest of us, we want to act as a talent with superior professional quality and development potential in financial field. Xing Zhang maintained the mutual trust and harmonious relationship with colleagues through active consultation and experience sharing with them. He leaded us to do research in an effective way, step by step. And at the same time, we talking about the research in different perspectives, and we all gained many useful new ideas from discussion. We all overdo work to show our solid financial foundation. Once, I made a preliminary conclusion based on financial data materials I had clarified after careful analysis. The conclusion I made and basic data materials I collected played an important role in the progress discussion of our research team, which made me very happy. Li He, another intern in our group through comparison of detailed data, she found out mistakes in documents, which greatly surprised our team.

Bank of China is the oldest bank in China. Although it initially functioned as the Chinese central bank, in 1928 the Central Bank of China replaced it in that role. Subsequently, BOC became a purely commercial bank. Talking about the culture of BOC, it must be international. Because the BOC’s main business is foreign exchange business. In addition,...
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