Swot Analysis Rbc in China

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  • Published : March 31, 2012
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I. RBC, being Canada`s number one organization, in terms of performance and profitability, is a brand with huge capital resources. The immense size and capitalization of RBC will allow for the organization to comfortably set up shop in China. Pending all legal and regulatory requirements, there will be sufficient funding made available from the organization`s capital reserves.

II. Accelerated Economic Growth: The accelerated economic growth that exists in China favours RBC’s entry into the country. The rationale for this is that economic growth or success directly or indirectly translates into is a growing number of Chinese citizens who can afford banking services, and as such, they will be looking to banks and financial institutions that offer competitive rates.

III. RBC is a valued global brand that is capable of recruiting domestic (Chinese) partners to work collaboratively with. Via mergers or acquisitions or joint ventures with recognized Chinese cooperatives and financial institutions, the trust of the typical Chinese customer will be gained because they can relate or identify with an existing domestic brand, and this will probably rub off on RBC.

IV. With RBC being a multinational organization, it is in a qualified position to offer advice and consultation services to companies operating in China on aspects of international business. For the typical international client, RBC is seasoned in the area of creating foreign strategy – and this will be a characteristic the organization will have over many of its competitors.

I. While RBC might be well known in North America and the Western world, the same may not be the case in China. RBC would not be guaranteed success by relying solely on its reputation to promote or push its products and services to Chinese customers.

I. Large Population: The immense size of China’s population creates incredible opportunity for RBC to penetrate the...
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