Syllabus: Business Communication and Report Writing

Topics: Tax, Income tax, Taxation Pages: 11 (2660 words) Published: February 9, 2013


Department of Accounting

Four-Year B.B.A. (Honours) Course

Effective from the Session : 2009–2010

National University
Syllabus for 4 years B. B. A. Honours Course
Subject : Accounting

Second Year (Honours)

|Subject Code |Subject Title |Marks |Credit | | |Business Communication and Report Writing (In English) |100 |4 | | |Computer and Information Technology |100 |4 | | |Taxation in Bangladesh |100 |4 | | |Business Statistics (In English) |100 |4 | | |Macro Economics |100 |4 | | |Intermediate Accounting |100 |4 | | |Viva-Voce |100 |4 | | |Total = |700 |28 |

|Course Code | |Marks: 100 |Credits: 4 | Class Hours: 60 | |Course Title |Business Communication and Report Writing (In English) |

1.Introduction: Meaning of communication and business communication, scope, purposes, processes, principles, functions, importance and models of communication. 2.Types of Communication : Written, oral, non-verbal, downward, upward horizontal, mass communication. 3.Major Media of Written Communication: Letters, memos, reports – style and structure, advantages and disadvantages of different media. 4.Major Media of Oral Communication: Speech – face to face conversation – interviews, meetings, advantages and disadvantages of different media. 5.Non Verbal Communication: Symbols, gestures, body language, visual communication. 6.Internal Communication: Meaning, Importance, Communication within organisation and small groups, media of internal communication style, office memos. 7.Technology in Modern Communication: Electronic media in oral and written communication, Telephone, Fax, ISD, computer, internet, E-mail, multimedia and business related software. 8.Communication skills: Improving skills in non-verbal and verbal communication ( Effective listening, reading skills, effective writing –style and techniques, writing techniques, barriers to effective communication and their removal. 9.Business Report Writing: Types of report, characteristics and importance of different types, purpose, scope, different styles of writing reports. 10.Letter Writing: Types of letter – circular letter – letter of inquiry – letter of complaints – dunning letter – letter of adjustment – letter of order, letters in connection with bank and insurance. 11.Employment Communication: Preparing CV or personal resume, application, letter ( interviews and joining.

Books Recommended :
1.Raymond V Lesikar:Basic Business Communication, Irwin. Chicago 2.Batty and Kay:Business Communication Systems and Application 3.M. Masudur Rahman :Business Communication (Latest Edition)...
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