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  • Published : November 27, 2012
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| | | | |COURSE GOAL AND DESCRIPTION | |The goal of taking SPC1017 is to enhance communication skills to effectively deliver and evaluate speeches/messages as well as understanding principles of | |communication. | | | |SPC 1017 is about how essential communication is for everyone and how it is used every day of our lives and every part of our lives. You will learn the | |fundamentals of communication and how to use those to enhance your lives. SPC 1017 combines both the theory and practice of communication. This means that we| |will cover the theoretic principles while giving you the opportunity to put these principles into practice. Some of the topics we will cover include | |perception, relationships, culture, workplace, and public speaking. | | | |COURSE OBJECTIVES | | | |Upon completion of the course, students will be able to: | |Demonstrate the ability to locate credible information by utilizing traditional and contemporary means. | |Demonstrate proper mechanics of developing organized outlines that result in focused, unified, and coherent speeches. | |Demonstrate the ability to cite sources of information using APA format and recognize the necessity of referencing researched material. | |Exhibit active listening skills. | |Deliver speeches, which exhibit effective use of the verbal and non-verbal components. | |Participate in classroom discussions that pertain to lecture and textbook material. | |Apply effective communication by engaging in analysis and assessment of issues through writing skills. | |Demonstrate understanding of principles of communication through class discussions and assignments. | |Demonstrate awareness of multicultural nature of society through analysis of current issues. | | | |COURSE REQUIREMENTS...
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