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  • Published : January 13, 2012
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AYOT Pierre
CANDILLE Charlotte

For the SWOT analysis, we have chosen the company called Rémy Martin, which is specialized in champagnes, cognac and wines.

* The great origin of its raw materials (grape….) * Large offer (many cognac and cocktails associated) * Traditional and Familial company in its methods * A know-how transmitted from one generation to another one since 1724 * International brand: present on European, American, and Asian markets * Good and high notoriety: the quality of its products is internationally recognized. * Innovative company: create new design, create limited series… * Strong communication strategy: a rich and well developed website, apparition on songs (Jay-Z, Sean Paul, TI) to attract young adults, participation on parties ("After Parties in Europe, "Remy Dance Parties" in Asia…) * Involved into green projects like "Heart of Earth" a reforestation project in order to prove its respect of humans, nature and environment. * High qualified and very selected employees : only 4 cellar masters since its launch) | * The company has the 2nd place in the world's market * Affected by the crisis in 2008-2009 and by its exit of the retailing network "Maxxium" in Asia : lack of practice. * The company has not found the level that it had before the crisis| OPPORTUNITIES| THREATS|

* Asian market (China, Japan, etc.) * Commercial hub in Singapore for importing and exporting cognac * USA and Extreme Orient are good import countries * Changes of the cognac's consumption habits * Growth of demand of cognac * Growth of international tourism | * Competition is targeting the Asian market too * Decrease of the French market (saturated) * Governments harden alcohol's imports (Russian) * Higher prices than other liquors * Few consumers worldwide * Sales point aren't so...
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