Swot Analysis-Saocony

Topics: Athletic shoe, Nike, Inc., Reebok Pages: 3 (752 words) Published: April 17, 2008
SWOT Analysis

As stated in our situation analysis over the past decade the United States has become more and more infatuated with being in shape. A healthier America provides means for our agency with a great opportunity to create a new running shoe that will provide comfort and functionality to the masses that are hitting the road at an increasing rate. Of the four majoring companies that lead the market in running shoes which are Nike, Adidas, Reebok and Saucony; we decided to go with Saocony. Due to the merger of Reebok and Adidas to form the Adidas Group, Saucony truly needed a new product to grab a piece of the $ 5 billion running market. Our Product like the Nike Plus, the sole will be prefitted with a cavity that will house a pedometer that will be able to communicate with an iPod. It will also have flexion plates and it will also contain a mini GPS system. Saucony has a great positioning in the running shoe market, their fourth in sales behind Nike, Adidas and Reebok. This shoe will be extremely unique, it will have most of all the same technologies as the other big companies plus more. With all the shoe is offering the targeting market is limitless. The place or distribution channel will be made available to the consumers on all levels; the top sports stores, the malls, and any other location that sells running shoes. To compete with other large companies our price must obviously be more attractive than theirs. Our agency and Saucony will negotiate a price that is lucrative for both parties, yet inexpensive for the consumers. Promotion will be a 50/50 deal in the specific mix of advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, and public relations for both companies use to pursue its advertising and marketing objectives.

A.Strength and Weakness

One of the most obvious weaknesses would be the expensiveness of the shoe itself. With all the technology and special flexion plates, the shoe would be expensive. •Another...
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