Swot Analysis of Amazon

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SWOT analysis of Amazon.com
Three major products and/or services that are offered by Amazon that will be the scope of this paper are digital content, retail goods and computing services. Amazon has several competitors in all three products/service lines. In the case of digital content a few major competitors to Amazon include Apple, Google, Barnes & Noble, Hulu, Netflix, brick-and-mortar stores, and direct publishing by content owners. Advantage Amazon has over its competitors in the area of digital content is the idea of "one-stop shopping "for media consumption. Out of all the competitors and so offers the broadest range of different media types, the closest competitor being Apple. Amazon's music catalog isn't as strong as apples but is made up for by the fact that it has a very strong e-book repository. Competition faced by Amazon in the retail goods market include eBay and various other brand-name online retailers, and third-party seller to buyer aggregation services. Amazon strength in the online retail goods is brand recognition on par with eBay, and strong search functionality across Amazon affiliates with strong integration of payment processing. The last faucet of competition involves Amazon's Web services computing services which is similar to the services offered via rack space, Microsoft Windows Azure, and Joyent. Amazon's strength this sector relies on brand recognition, very large companies using their Web services, and the perceived reliability of their cloud services infrastructure.

SWOT list of digital content
brand recognition and visibility
e-book library
tightly integrated with Amazon branded electronic devices (multiple paths to access content) •strong integration with the whole of Amazon's website domain Weaknesses
Limited library of music, and video.
Damaged reputation due to recent bad press.
Late and unfocused entry into expanded digital media content delivery. Opportunities
Focusing on generating...
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