Swot Analysis Example

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5) SWOT Analysis
Blender that can do multipurpose functions, and has an LED screen that can read nutritional facts and recommend dietary information regarding your personal needs. A voice recognition system that makes for speedy and simple use. Computer unit is able to plug-in to any Iphone or USB connection and can download new healthy recipes for sauces or smoothies every month. The addition of the LED screen and computer unit means that you can watch your favourite shows or YouTube videos on the blender while cooking or using the blender. Even with all the technological features on the blender, it minimizes energy usage because of our eco-friendly design. Due to this new design, the blender can smoothly dice up anything effortlessly while being almost impossible to hear while blending. Even with the added weight of the computer unit and LED screen, the blender is half the weight of other blenders on the market due to its innovative construction design. Our innovative construction design also allows this to be mobile and good for long distance travelling. The blender can also be bought in different colours to suit any household or office. Weaknesses (or Limitations):

There aren't too many characteristics that place this product at a disadvantage relative to other blenders in the market, however with the sophisticated design, features and high-quality build, the blender may not break into all target demographics because of our production costs and pricing. Due to the construction of the blender and the vulnerability of the LED screen, it may also be more fragile than other blenders that are built heavier. Opportunities:

There may be opportunities if we look at the global markets in terms of production. A weakness of our product is the high cost to produce it but this may be marginally reduced if production is outsourced. Also if we take a look at the global markets there may be an opportunity for cheaper costs related to our computer...
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