Swayed with Decisions

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  • Published : March 4, 2013
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Swayed with Decisions
The main component of the Elaboration Likelihood Model is based on persuasion. There are two different methods used to influence someone. One way is through Central Processing. The other way is through Peripheral Cues. The Central Route is effortful thinking that takes place when people are thoroughly believing and evaluating the arguments. (Persuasion Lecture) You would want to use Central Route if you are targeting a group of people that feel the need to be knowledgeable and informed. The Peripheral Route is people being influenced on accident or by peripheral cues such as attractiveness. (Persuasion Lecture) Peripheral route is used on people who are uninvolved and do not care to be informed about the details. Deciding which route to use on your audience depends on what kind of message you are trying to put across to them. If you are trying to change the audience’s attitude enough to sway them to be a believer, you should use the Central Route approach. But if your argument is weak you attract them through the Peripheral Cues, like using a picture of a beautiful girl to target a male audience. The Axe body spray ad is a Peripheral Route advertisement that is trying to target the male audience to buy their product because it will attract beautiful women and they will be able to get any woman they desire. The other ad I chose is a Central Route advertisement for Above the Influence of drugs. It uses a simple cartoon character symbolizing a teen girl conveying the message to not get high or use drugs with a statement about why she can’t be persuaded to use drugs. The Axe body spray ad is a good example to target males who are small minded enough to buy deodorant because they truly believe it will help them get any woman they want. This applies to the peripheral cues by using a seductive woman to attract men and telling them if they wear their product they will “get more.” The advertisers of Axe are using sex to sell their product. The...
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