Sustainable Architecture

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  • Published : September 3, 2011
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Sustainable Architecture

"Sustainable Architecture" - this phrase in recent years is mentioned a lot. The concept of "sustainable architecture" is associated, even identified with the concept of green architecture, ecological architecture, environmentally friendly, energy efficient ... to reach a stable value for the environment human life, reduce negative impacts on the environment in the present and future. However, although this interpretation is correct, but only one aspect, because that's what people are missing and need to achieve. Try to reach and understanding of sustainable architecture in general and more simple ...

Sustainable structures, materials, techniques

All architectures are born to serve people. Therefore, the sustainability of the first architecture is literally the most simple: work to ensure safety. Of course each category of works, the nature of the building or each phase of construction has the sustainable requirements of different degree, but have minimum requirements for mechanical durability, sustained textures. A house, a good and beautiful architecture that was some collapse of the architecture ... it is no longer valid for use and beauty, beauty is not a valid existence. Scientific, technical and scientific development is growing, materials technology developed to allow modern buildings are more sustainable structure several times ancient architecture. But modern architecture are also high - bigger, contain more people and property; required safety factor even higher. Architecture and people increasingly face more uncertainty due to both social and natural (earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, terrorism ...) should sustainable construction is becoming increasingly important.

Sustainable planning, landscape and environment

A meaningful process exists when it is put in place at the right place. The work to beautifying the landscape, space and vice versa, the space will respect the work that up. Speaking in technical terms as...
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