Smart Growth Community

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Living a healthy lifestyle is the biggest concern in creating a smart growth community in Malaysia. Towards building the community, the involvement of landscape architects who are capable and skillful in varies of aspects such as planning and designing is one the needs in visualising a smart growth community into reality. But through the process of creating it, there are few challenges that landscape architects in Malaysia should face and as for making it into reality, landscape architects need to overcome problems and challenges towards building a smart growth community in Malaysia.

1. Introduction

Urbanization, globalization and the spread of materialism have provided an opportunity for landscape architecture profession to address these problems in the coming decades. To overcome these problems, landscape architects’ contribution towards building a healthy and clean environment is essential.

Therefore, Malaysia’s government encourages that metropolitan areas in Malaysia should consider the smart growth community strategies to address growth issues. Through smart growth approaches, enhanced neighborhoods, preserved natural lands and critical environmental areas, are the ways creating a vibrant area. With a touch of a landscape architect in implement the smart growth’s principle, urban sprawl and excessive usage of land can be reduce.

Therefore, this paper explains on the role landscape architects in contributing a smart growth community in Malaysia and the challenges towards implementing the principles of smart growth community into our country.

2. The role of Landscape Architects in Malaysia.

Landscape architect in Malaysia conduct research and advise on planning, design and stewardship of the outdoor environment and spaces, both within and beyond the built environment and its conservation and sustainability of development (Rahimah, 2009).

She adds, landscape architects who are capable and skillful in all aspects of planning, designing and managing landscapes toward establishing a quality, healthy and balance environment for human needs.

Landscape architects take parts in design and plan the restoration of natural places disturbed by humans such as wetlands, stream corridors, mined areas, and forested land.

Therefore, as it can be seen, landscape architect is an important profession in designing and creating a sustainable and clean environment.

3. Smart Growth Community

1. What is Smart Growth Community?

Smart Growth is an approach to land-use planning that targets a state’s resources and funding in ways that enhances the quality of life (Robert M, 2009). Similarly, according to Sean R. (2005) smart growth is development that promotes economic development and jobs, strong neighborhoods, and healthy communities.

Smart growth is one of the ways for communities to support economic development and jobs; create strong neighborhoods with a range of housing, commercial, and transportation and achieve healthy communities that provide families with a clean environment.

2. The importance of Smart Growth Community.

According to Mary K. (2008), smart growth community is important to attain economic growth, increase wealth, and improving quality of life for residents. She adds, the needs of smart growth is to grow and improve the communities by attracting and retaining development, residents, and jobs.

Using the principles of smart growth, residents have a sense of place and become more engaged in their community’s social and civic affairs, protect the surrounding environment, and stimulate economic growth (Robert M, 2009). Referring to him, smart growth is one of the tools, local communities and counties can use to plan and protect their valuable natural resources.

3. The principles of Smart Growth Community

According to Robert M. (2009), there are ten...
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