Communication and Crisis

Topics: Water supply network, Drinking water, Desalination Pages: 3 (1022 words) Published: December 21, 2012
Communication and Crisis on Public Water
Tonya Hardway
November 26, 2012
Kim Foster

Communication and Crisis on Public Water
I am the director of the regional Emergency Management Office. We been receiving reports that the public water supply in several towns has been contaminated and if not taken care of it could be life-threatening. We are working hard to address the problem. Tunderhe symptoms to watch out for are: nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Main concern is young children, pregnant woman, and the elderly. Their immune system is not as strong. We have isolated the affected area from the rest of the water system. Sampling is being conducted to make sure the contaminants are under control. Additional public announcements will be made as soon as more information becomes available. Samples should be made avalible in 48 hours; we are recommending that everyone boil their water before drinking it. We are asking everyone not to take a bathe, cook, or give to pets. The fire department will still be able to use the water to put out fires. The health department conducted interviews with the patients to determine the cause of their sickness. After talking to the patient’s it was determined the water was the source of the contamination. If a person becomes sick they need to go see your physician or go to the emergency room. With treatment the symptoms will last generally seven to 10 days. People are asked to call the health department if they have any other questions. The uncertainty and high stress of each event, good communication will minimize negative impacts of fear and concern, increase knowledge, and understanding, enhance trust and credibility, encourage appropriate behaviors, and potentially help save lives (Vincent Covello, 2007). We are setting up distribution centers in the affected areas to help people with bottled water. We will have gallons of water for each person. The disabled and others who need assistance can call the health...
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