Sustainability: Eco-Philosophy

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  • Published : March 10, 2012
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Sustainability: Eco-Philosophy


Sustainability is a concept to maintain or sustain something of good qualities or something from deteriorating. It is like creating a balance between human’s activity and nature. This concept is emerged to rectify the developing scientific agreement that there are major environmental problems occurring globally in big scale gradually along the years[1]. I agree on this strongly as I have read through a lot on the news article on the BBC website most of the time and from some books, like “The nature of sustainable development” & “Architecture 2000 and Beyond”, on the environmental problems since I was back in my high school education.

The main objectives of the worldwide sustainability effort and movements are to heal the sick earth and to maintain ample natural resources and maintain the good and healthy part of the environment like the nature for the future generation.[2] I believe in that as there are photographs which I have taken from the past when I was a kid and now, i saw the difference and I know instantly we have not take in consideration further of our environment we are going to lose all the beautiful memories and experiences of the certain place, environment which we are being a able to share with the future generation like ours kids or grandchildren gradually It is a personal experience which is a vivid memory in me.

There is a lots of studies and prediction from books by theorist like Charles Jencks and professor of University like Sharon Beder who wrote on how human activities which contribute to the environmental problems. This is very true in fact as the Video, “Koyanniquatsi” by Godfrey Reggio which shows how the modern world (depicts human’s activity) destroy the environment gradually by showing the images with music by Philip Glass[3]. This video would leave a deep impression to one and make one to stop and think back about the memory and knowledge one have had in touch with the nature.

It is vital for us to understand & study the problems and source of the problems and focus on them and come out with a solution through understanding of the concept of the sustainability. This is Eco-Philosophy which is explained in Darko’s First introduction in Environmental Design. Eco Philosophy constitute of Environmental, Social, Ethical, Cultural, Political and Economical Sustainability. All the 6 types of sustainability focus and resolve different issue but however they are closely related to one another. Our photographs are often being classified as landscapes, objects, portraits, art and architecture which tell the different story of the past culture, tradition and childhood memories in term of clothes, background as in the environment, materials and details in the photography. All the photographs are related in a certain way which is the experience of taking the photographs at the certain moment with the sound of the shutter closing and opening to capture the shot which I share the same feeling with Roland Barthes. The greatest satisfaction is when one sees the product of the photos being taken. Similarly when one go through the experience of trying to understand and study of the problems and source of the problems and you come out with the solution that heal the earth and when the result is a success it enable the future generation to feel and see the nature world you once experience. The photos often depict the little detail that catches your eyes instantly. Similarly it is critical for one to have a broad view of the world / earth and one should be able to make wise choices on how to live our day to day lives keeping earth in mind.


There is prediction by Charles Jencks on the events which might affect the world in the future up to year of 2030.The events are classified under specified category taking for instance in the “Architecture 2000 and Beyond” by Charles Jencks. Charles Jencks main prediction focus of the...
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