Sustainable Development -Integrated Solution

Topics: Sustainability, Ecology, Natural capital Pages: 3 (699 words) Published: February 3, 2011
Biodiversity & Conservation

Biodiversity and conservation aims to establish the multiple values that biodiversity can provide, specifically in nations rich in biodiversity. Conservation is a way forward to develop in environmentally friendly manner and it works on basic concepts of ecosystem resilience and sustainable use.

There is a need to strengthen the capacity of marginalized biodiversity managers (for example, local and indigenous communities and traditional farmers) to influence policy, seize political opportunities, and move forward policy debates.

Conservation of Biodiversity and other natural resources is not enough to attain the goal of developing sustainable solutions .An integrated approach which incorporates the concepts of conservative and preventive methods is the solution and it can be provided by means of Sustainable development.

Integrated Solution - Sustainable development

Development is need of every generation but now our present scenario of a global economy & a flat world demands Sustainable development.

Sustainable development starts with the idea that the most sustainable aim for all is a better quality of life for everyone, not only now, but for generations to come, so we can say that it reflects the pattern of resource use that aims to meet the human needs while preserving environment in such a way that carrying capacity of natural systems is utilized in an economic manner so that future generations would be able to meet there needs. It is not only about preserving environment but also it focuses on managing natural, social, & produced capital in a prudent manner & it is not recession to to pre-modern lifestyles as understood by many people which is a mis-conception.It is basically resolving conflict between various competing goals & involves simultaneous pursuit of eco-prosperity, environmental quality & social equity.

We need to use natural resources at the rate at which they can be replenished within a proper...
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