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The advertisement hoardings which could find in the Edapally town area are mainly of textile, food , financial institutions, film promotion, housing builders, newspaper advertisement etc. Apart from this there a couple of political campaigning hoardings also. Mainly these all are of plywood hoardings and there could see only a few digital advertisements. The main textiles brand which is been advertised in this area are Chennai Silks, Emke silks and Emmanuel Silks. In this Emmanuel silks has used digital boards for its advertisement. News papers which is been advertised are one of the leading Malayalam newspaper Deshabhimani and the other one is The Hindu. In this The Hindu has a much bigger size hoarding which contains an attractive picture and a tag line saying “although the landscape of Kerala is changing, its reading habit remains the same”.Deshabhimani advertisement is been kept more closer to the pathway and seems out of box. Other advertisements are of builders which include Skyline and Dreamflower. In this Skyline is been kept in the middle of a cluster of hoardings but still catchy because of its tag line.Financial institutions advertisement includes Uco Bank, LIC, and Hedge Finance. In this Hedge Finance has both normal and the digital advertisement. Chicking goes mainly for digital advertisement. Apartfrom this Emmanuel silks and LIC have used digital way of advertisement. There are of a couple of political campaigning going on with the help of hoardings. These all are kept right next to the road. These are not of much expensive kinds. Most of the advertisement hoardings are found in places with high traffic such as the side of major roads or on side of buildings which can be viewed by the pedestrians and drivers. Digital advertisements are not of bigger size and it is seen like on one digital board different advertisements are shown. The most catchy Hoarding in this area is the advertisement of Indhuleka soap.

Film poster
Dream flower
Indhuleka soap
The Chennai Silks

Joy Alukkas
Popular Finance
Kalyan silks
Indian Voice 2
Clearway Builders
UTS-Kairali Granites
Green Consumer Appliances

The above data shows the main brands which is been advertised using Hoardings in Palarivattom town. All the outdoor hoardings which is been kept here are above the buildings and no hoardings can be found on the ground level height. No digital hoardings can be seen in this area. The most attractive hoardings in this area is the promotion hoarding of a TV reality show Indian Voice 2.The main target groups are working class and students. No hoardings create any kind of problems to the pedestrians and drivers. Number of outdoor hoardings in this area is much lesser than the other towns. The reason may be due to the space constraint in this area. Advertisement of TV reality shows and TV serials is the new trend which has been come up. Apart from the textiles and gold advertisements, advertising the financial institutions helps the people to update their current

A Geeri PAi jewellery
Atlas jewellery
Rajan Jewellery
Atlas jewellery
La Casa
Aria –TATA Motors
Anta Builders
Club FM
The Chennai Silks
Reality Show


The above data gives the details of the number of hoardings which is been kept in Vytilla town. Vytilla is one of the busy towns in the city. We could see a large number of outdoor hoardings out there. The main products advertised are textiles, cars and jewellery. All the hoardings are kept above the building and we found a few digital hoardings too. Advertisement of Club FM is the most catchy one in this area. The targeted groups are women as there are a couple of jewellery and textiles hoardings....
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