Supporting Children's Ict Skills

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The use of ICT within early years and schools is now an essential part of provision. ICT is used to help children with their learning and forms and area of learning in its own right. Government initiatives actively encourage practitioners to introduce and utilise ICT in the learning experience. Task 1:

There are many things that practitioners can use in early years settings to implement ICT into the curriculum, for example: Camera: this is used to take pictures or videos in which the children can create memories with. They take pictures by using the screen to see the picture they are going to take and then they can press buttons to zoom in and out and another button to take the picture. Computer: this is where the children are able to do a variety of things on. The children may learn how to create a word document, how to simply log on and off, how to use the internet to get onto games like ‘Ceebeebies’. Printer: the children can use this to print off the work that they have created on a computer, whether this is a picture, some writing, information they have found and so on. Digital clock: this can be used as ICT as the children have to use buttons to set the clock to the correct time, and therefore it will also help the children to read the time. Battery powered toys: these are all forms of ICT, for example, a roma. This is because the children are having to use buttons to make the toy work, for example, a toy car will have an on and off button in which the children have to press to make the car work. Alongside this, there will also be a remote control where the children use to direct the car to go where they want it to. I phone/ blackberry: this device allows the children to play on games, make and receive phone calls and texts. To create these, the children have to press the buttons on the phone in order for them to get to the phone book or the messages. Smart board: teachers use this a lot within primary school to help develop children ICT skills. For example, in the mornings they may put a game on it whilst the children are coming in so they can play. To use the white board, children have to use the pens that are synced with the board to enable them to click onto different programs and games and they are able to draw, research, and drag things on the board. Task 2:

ICT (Information Communication Technology) plays a huge part in everyone's life no matter how old they are. Everyone is surrounded by 'technology' in our homes, our work places and in the local environment. Children are also surrounded by these 'technologies' in their everyday lives and need to recognise the role ICT plays in their lives. Children from a very early age should be given the opportunities to play with technology and explore the uses of these ICT resources. The only mention of ICT in the Early Learning Goals is within the Knowledge and Understanding of the World area of learning and development where it states - 'Children should find out about and identify the uses of everyday technology and use information and communication technology and programmable toys to support their learning.' ICT can be used effectively across all six areas of learning and development to engage the children in learning and enhance the EYFS curriculum. ICT is not just a computer with Early Years software installed. ICT is anything where you can press a button and make something happens, the beginnings of children understanding that technology requires programming and that they can be in control of making things happen.  How ICT fits with EYFS in general:

·Provide challenges and explore.
·Plan for inclusion - i.e.; walkie talkie's good for visually impaired, etc. ·Make use of outdoor areas.
·Give opportunities to explore findings - i.e.; drawing, writing models. ·Tape recorders.
·Work out how things work.
·Build on interests - i.e.; boys, garages, and mechanics. ·Help with co-ordination.
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