Support Indiviuals with Specific Communication Needs

Topics: Human rights, AIDS, Communication Pages: 3 (1021 words) Published: January 15, 2013
1.1Communication is a basic human right, if you do not meet a persons communication needs many of their rights may be denied. These rights include:
• Equality-If a person can not communicate they may not be treated equally. • Safety and security- a person may feel more at threat as they can not express there concerns or report any acts of abuse. • Diversity-the person wouldn’t be ale to express there own identity, or culture.

1.2When working in the care setting how you interact with others is very important, your role has a huge impact on a person when they have specific communication needs, and in your role you should support the person with everyday life. As a care assistant you may have a problem communicating with the person if you do not fully understand the needs of the individual.

1.3In the care setting there are many features that could help or hinder you when you are trying to communicate with a person these include:

• Lighting- When lighting is poor it can hinder the communication with a person with a visual or hearing impediment, as the person may depend of your facial expression or lips to define what you are saying. • Distractions-When there are lots of background noises or distractions the person may find it hard to concentrate on what you are saying, and may find it hard to hear over the television, radio or any other kind of background noise. • Barriers-these can be small things such as tables that can block the view of each others body language, this could lead to either of you feeling uneasy.

1.4Some people that may require your help may not communicate in a • Learning disabilities-
• Physical disabilities
• Mental health conditions
• Dementia
• Sensory disabilities-hearing and sight
• Social development

1.5No matter what a persons disability is they have the same right to communicate, there are aids for every situation these aid can consist of:

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