Identify the Barriers to Communication

Topics: Communication, Barrier, Emotion Pages: 1 (297 words) Published: December 19, 2012
Identify the barriers to communication and elaborate on them. Communication refers to an act, or means of conveying information from one individual to another. The word communication is derived from Latin word”communis” which means “to share”. Hence communication is a process in which facts , ideas, thoughts, opinion and emotions are exchanged by two or more people. The communication between two or more people turn out to become a barrier when there is no translation of an idea or concept and both parties fail to agree on meaning and clarity of information. The common barriers to effective communication are:

Physical barriers: Sometimes the nature of environment in which office activity are done is also considered to be major barriers for communication in work place. The barriers may be large working area that are physically separated from one another. Language: Inability of the sender or the receiver to communicate in a language that is understood by both is also a barrier for communication which could further lead to misunderstanding between sender and receiver. Distraction: While communicating there are various disturbance that may distract the communication. Distraction may be physical or emotional. Example might include an uncomfortable chair in work place, ill health, unnecessary noses etc and similarly if sender or receiver is upset, may have personal problem then this will probably affect in communication. Overload of information: When too much of information is provided sender to receiver in short period of time, there is possibility that receiver would not be able to understand the information fully. When the information is in huge volume then it becomes difficult for receiver to discriminate between useful and useless information. In order to avoid overload of information sender has to send message in accurate amount neither too long nor too short.
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