Supply Chain Pnj

Topics: Supply chain management, Logistics, Third-party logistics Pages: 2 (383 words) Published: May 15, 2013
Supply chain PNJ

PNJ import the raw material resource from different countries as Italia , USA.... and create initial production of basic components. Company will manufacture new products and continue to providing for distributers . Customers will buy products at retailers of PNJ 1.Cadre’s Supply Chain Execution Software brings together several aspects and does everything with a single program. It allows the user to control just about everything at the same time, in real-time; products in the warehouse, those being shipped, and everything that is located for sale on the Internet. Legality provides a better system that will suit PNJ’s needs more completely as the company continues to grow. The Legality system works with more than just supply chains, so PNJ won’t need to purchase another system for other departments. Having a single system will also allow the information to be shared between departments very easily since all of file types will be the same 2. AccellosOne is the powerful suite of supply chain solutions that will make your business more efficient. The AccellosOne software suite not only integrates with many ERPs but enhances them, makes them more productive. AccellosOne consists of warehouse house management software [WMS], trading partner integrations [EDI], third party logistics [3PL] tools, and transportation management software [TMS]. Our powerful supply-chain execution solutions are easy to customize and implement, providing our customers with more innovation for less investment and producing significant savings and greater profitability. AccellosOne is the supply chain execution suite for small to mid-sized businesses. Built upon Microsoft .Net and Silverlight technologies, the environment is familiar so the user can navigate between programs simply and quickly. Click the links below to learn more about the AccellosOne supply chain suite. * Warehouse Management System (WMS): Productivity, efficiency, and visibility in...
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