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Executive Summary

Wegmans prides itself on being a company that caters to busy people with high food interests. The goal is to cater to customers who enjoy higher quality food, but also those who shop for others than themselves. Like most large supermarket chains they target the American family, mostly geared towards women. However Wegmans also offers sit down restaurants in many of their stores making it a destination for many men and women on their lunch breaks. They also offer many gluten free and organic options which attract the specialty consumer. Also, Wegmans target customer often is in the middle to upper middle class because many of the products at Wegmans are at a higher price than at other supermarkets. Wegmans has 81 stores located all along the east coast, but their presence is the most notable in the upstate New York regions of Syracuse, Rochester, and Buffalo. They have been expanding more in Pennsylvania and New Jersey in the recent years. Wegmans does not have a strong presence in any of the metropolitan areas on the east coast, but most of their stores are in the suburbs and outskirts. Wegmans main competition comes from stores such as Wal-Mart, Whole Foods, Giant, Safeway, and Trader Joes. Wegmans is able to bridge the gap between a specialty foods store and a large supermarket which generally sets them apart from their chief competitors.

Wegmans offers an assortment of different products which is the reason for such strong loyalty from their customers. Like all grocery stores one of Wegmans major product offers are the famous brands such as Coke, Pepsi, Frito-Lay, and Proctor and Gamble. Wegmans stores are some of the biggest in the country and they are able to hold many more offerings of these successful products. Another major product assortment that is offered is the Wegmans brand. Their brand is one of the most successful store brands to be created. They essentially offer any type of product in their brand; it ranges from frozen pizzas to cleaning supplies. Not only are many of these products cheaper, but some are even higher quality than brand name products. A minor product offer that Wegmans has started introducing is the fresh cooked sit-down dining area. They have started offering these café style restaurants in many of their stores in New York in order to attract people on break from work. The customers can purchase a relatively cheap meal that is higher quality than many other options for lunch or dinner. The customer can access these offers by simply going to their nearest Wegmans store. Wegmans tends to see an increase in the foot traffic in their stores during the early evening hours when potential customers are getting out of work and on the weekends when the customers are not as rushed. Not all of the stores offer the sit-down style restaurants, but they are renovating many of the stores in order to accommodate consumers. Wegmans price points for many of its offering range from average too high for most of their products because Wegmans target markets are the upper level of the...
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