Superpowers That I Want

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Superpowers That I Want
When I was a little kid back then, my childhood years was filled with cartoons that have great superpower. I am very sure that all the kids in the world will have their own cartoon idol. Moreover, kids will have the tendency to imagine that they will also have the same kind of superpower of the cartoon character they are idolizing. That kind of thing also occurred to me as I also have my own superpowers that I would like to have. Even now as a teenager, I still hope that somehow all of us in this world have cool superpowers. Therefore, the topic for my journal for this time will be the superpowers that I want if I were given the chance to have one.

The first superpower that I would like to have is the ability to teleport to any place that I want in just a blink of an eye. Teleportation is a very interesting superpower because it enables you to go anywhere you want very quickly. I can visit any place in this world and I would not have to wait until I have money to be able to travel to interesting places. Moreover, I can go back to my home sweet home every weekend if I have this kind of power and do not have to go through all the troubles to go there by planes and the long hours of waiting. Therefore, I would really love to have the ability to teleport anywhere.

The second superpower that I want is the ability to fly and not tied to the ground by gravity. As we know it, gravity is a force that keeps us firm on the ground and enables us to walk with ease on the land. However, as much as there are many benefits of the gravity, I would really love to fly sometimes and be free. Whenever I looked at the birds on the skies, I would feel envious because they can fly freely across the wide open skies. In addition, if I can fly, I can go to places that are almost impossible to reach and just fly around. I can almost imagine me flying on the sky and feeling the cold fresh breeze that touches my face. Because of that, if I were given the chance...
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