Supermarket and Kroger Company

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Corey Jackson
Dr. Panigrahi
The Kroger Company is what many consider to be an American Supermarket chain, founded in 1883 by largest grocery Bernard Kroger Cincinnati Ohio Kroger is now the second largest grocery retailer by volume failing only behind Wal-Mart. Since 2010 The Kroger Company has operated through many subsidiaries (3619) stores and was reported to do sales numbers exceeding 80 billion during for the first time in the year of (2010). The Kroger company hard work and success would not be in vain, that same year (2010) Kroger was the world’s fifth largest retailer by sales revenue.

The creation of Kroger tells the story of one man’s simple grocery store idea turned into a recognizable grocery force within the majority of U.S. Bernard Kroger a son of a merchant understood the opportunity and potential that the Grocery industry yielded and he wanted a fair piece of the pie. Bernard took his life savings which was $372 dollars and set foot to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity. Kroger Opened his first store in the suburban community of Mount Airy Cincinnati offering a simple slogan that would generate success which was “ Be particular “. Bernard believes in his concept firmly trying to sell only merchandise that he himself would consider buying if he was a customer on the opposite end of the spectrum. Bernard want his store to offer a different appeal than any other at the time experimenting with things such as food tasting and a bakery which virtually made Kroger a one stop shop for the customers convenience, at this time in society no other markets offered these amenities and Bernard hope this would deem beneficial in their competitive advantage . The Kroger Company are pioneers of physical innovation within the grocery industry as well , they are firm believers in site for store locations being isolated and set apart from other business ventures . In the 1930’s Kroger introduce the Four sided parking lot which offer convenient parking for all and control auto-mobile traffic. Kroger would continue to make leaps and bound in it industry, the store re branded its Kroger name in 1966 and by the early 70’s became the first grocer in the United States to experiment with the notion of electronic scanners.

Expansion of the company continued with the Kroger purchasing Dillon Companies grocery chain (Located in Kansas) and all of its subsidiaries (King Soopers, City Market, Fry’s Gerbes and a convenience store by the name of Kwirk shop). In the early 1990s a fourth generation descendant of J.S. Dillon ( the founder of Dillon Companies ) became the new reformed C.E.O of The Kroger Company , at this time Dillon reached out and obtained Pay less Food market , Owens Market , Jay C Food Store and Hilander Foods in hopes in continues the company’s expansion . 1997 marked the year that Kroger merged with the fifth largest Grocery Company which was known as Fred Meyer along with all of its flourishing subsidiaries (Ralphs, QFC and Smiths.) In 2004 The Kroger Company took another leap in the grocery Industry by trying to introduce the concept of a Chain of Kroger Hyper markets. The plan was to be implemented in Columbus Ohio an area at the time that had lost their previously known hyper market (Big Bear ) due to bankruptcy complications . The ground work for how the Kroger Hyper marketplace had already been determined and the company had chosen to follow the framework of Fry’s Marketplace, a Arizona division Hypermarket store operated by Kroger. The Kroger Hyper market was set to have the same products and services that where offered by its local hyper market rivals (Meijer, Sears Grand, Super Kmart, Wal-Mart Supercenter), all rival had a host of different departments such as in-store banks, Starbuck, Gas Stations etc. that hosted an array of products and services for customer convenience and Kroger Hyper Market hoped to do the same in a competitive fashion. The First Hyper market...
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