Superhero Essay

Pages: 4 (1993 words) Published: August 24, 2009
My name is Darla Days and I was 17 years old when I wore something other then my sisters clothes. All my life I recieved hand me downs from my six older sisters because my sorry parents were to lazy, to drunk, or to irresponsible to get me my own stuff.I was born In Long Island,NewYork in a small two-story semi-detatched house. There wasn't enough of anything in ym famikly,so since I was near the bottom of our family line,I recieved everything nobodhy wanted anymore. Of all of my sisters,I was always told I was the prettiest and I was the smallest,besides my baby sister Nora. I loved her and I wanted so bad,for her not to have to go through what I went through. I got beat up and abused,because everyine else was angry at the way they were living and because they were jealous. I decided to get a job so that I could buy stuff for her and make sure she had food to eat and that her hair was done. She was12, I was 16 and I was taking care of her,better then either of our parents ever did for the rest of us. But this caused even more problems,because my other sisterrs felt slighted,like I was spoiling her and then my parents were angry because they said I could be helping them pay bills rather then buying her things she didn't need. But I didn't care what they said and I was going to the out of that house soon enough so I just dealt with it. My dad was a drunk and my mom was a hippie,so she was always high. The sight of them disgusted me,as In looked at them laying around the messy house. Beer and vodka bottles, cigar and blunt wrappers,tobacco on the table, and the smell of old food and mult-purpose organic cleaners ruled myhouse,so I never stayed home. My boyfriends name was Dillian Watts. We had been friends since we were in pre-school and I loved him like a brother. I started to grow more intimate feelings for him though when I got middle school. He was smart,sexy and kind but I didn't want to ruin our friendship. Another problem,was that as he grew,he became more...
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