Super Size Me

Topics: McDonald's, Nutrition, Super Size Me Pages: 1 (273 words) Published: February 20, 2013
Andres Ramos
Dana Hatter
December 1, 2012
Super Size Me is a movie about the documentary, producer and director Morgan Spurlock, the film is based on research that occurs from the question, does fast food really covers the nutritional needs and requirements to stay healthy. During the course of the film, Spurlock for 30 days consumes fast food products from McDonalds. Before beginning, the investigation Spurlock is curious to know what his consequences would be. Therefore, he visits several specialists who conduct comprehensive studies on health, and appears to be that Spurlock was in a state of complete in all health related aspects. Specialists who Spurlock visited were aware that he would be consuming McDonald’s products for 30 days. McDonald brought quite serious health consequences, but they never thought that the damage was so drastic. The weight began to rise significantly, his liver was been affected by overeating, rapid mood swings, and sexual dysfunction began to rise as the days went by. In my opinion, I believe that Morgan Spurlock did a tremendously well job in making this educational film. He focus himself primary with McDonalds fast food but in general, he tries to get his point across of every fast food restaurant out there. Spurlock by no means tries to scare you off from McDonald’s and tells you to never eat their again. However, he tries to tell you to be aware and not to consume as much fast food because you become prone to various health risks. I believe that this movie is marvelous and really opens your eyes that fast food restaurants are not as healthy as they seem.
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