Rhetoric and Fast Food Nation

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  • Published : April 8, 2013
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Essay 2: Rhetorical Analysis Project: Fast Food NationHoffman

Length: 3 pages
Due Date: 3/8, 3/11 or 3/13
Analyze the rhetorical conventions used in the documentary film, Fast Food Nation. The 2006 film is an adaptation of the novel written by Eric Schlosser who also co-wrote the screenplay. The film follows the Vice President of marketing for a fast food chain called “Mickey’s” as he discovers the truth behind the famous 99 cent burger. Schlosser performed years of research for both the book and film. Although the film is not a documentary, the characters are based on actual people and the scenes dramatized are based on actual events. Don’t let the film scare you into avoiding all fast food. The research done was specifically on McDonald’s. The purpose of viewing this film and examining its arguments is to effectively analyze, interpret and understand the rhetorical devices behind an argument. In order to effectively use rhetorical devices in your work, you must be able to analyze and reflect upon devices in other works. Texts

• Understanding Movies In order to effectively analyze the film as a form of visual rhetoric you will need to know terms and concepts specific to the film genre (read in class). • Fast Food Nation View this film as a text. How do the decisions made by the writer/director enhance the overall meaning of the text? • You will do outside research on your selected topic for prompt # 1. Project

Although you will be working in pairs I recommend that you both take notes on the film. Pay special attention to the dialogue, the way the scenes are set up, the narration, soundtrack, story, camera angles, point of view, etc. If you miss a film day, you must watch the film on your own time. It is in the library, call # PN1995.9.M45 F378 2007 and on iTunes. You will be handing in written work. The writing you will do, answering the questions from the prompts will prepare you for your presentation. Submit your three page write-up on...
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