Summary Antigone Characters

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Antigone Summary
Out of all ills that grow from Oedipus p1. We have been through everything and now this proclamation. Anyone ho buries Polynices shall be stoned.
Ismeme is not worthy as she did not do her family duty. She shuns her sister “though you desire you shall not share what I do.” Creon asserting his civil power p8
Loyal- “I shall not prove disloyal” (p.2)
“Far longer is there need to satisfy those nether powers, than powers on earth; for there must I ever lie” (p.3) “I know that those approve whome I most need to please p4. Ismene
“We must remember we are woman born” p3 Women are not able to cope with men or defy their power, and hope that the Gods/family forgive her. Considers the consequences. “I was born to feeble to content against state” p4

Loves her sister: bottom p4+ stands by Antigone after her arrest. Creon
Beginning: refers to gods. “for the ship of stare, the gods once more, set her on even keel p7. “god who sees all things always p8. Principle. He who sets a friend before his native land p8. Dislikes men who in terror cannot decide p8. You must to what is best for your native land no matter what. Short tempered and unpatient: Ex p 11 “truce yourspeech, before I choke with rage, fool! P10 hes like get to the point!! Role of men and women

“what man dared to do it?” p10
Ismene: “We must remember we are woman born” p3 Women are not able to cope with men or defy their power. Gods
Gods saved in fight; first chorus.
“and call the gods to witness” p11
“this must be something more than natural” p12. When something in explainable happens it is the intervention of the Gods.
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